Thursday, August 16, 2018

Doordash total lifetime deliveries - Do dashers get any bonus milestone pay?

When a Doordash driver looks at his or her ratings, they have the opportunity to also see their total amount of dashes that they have completed since becoming a Doordash driver. It's amazing how that number of lifetime deliveries can add up so quickly. For newbies, completing 100 deliveries may seem like quite an accomplishment, and it is, but there are actually dashers out there with 1000, 3000, 5000, 10,000 and even more lifetime dashes.

I am personally closing in on the 3500 mark of completed dashes. In all honesty, it really doesn't seem like I have done that many, but when you think about it, if a dasher is doing 10 dashes every single day, that is around 70 dashes a week, which is 280 dashes in a month. Let's round that off and say a little bit more dashes are done during the month and say that a person completed 300 dashes a month. In a years time that is 3600 dashes completed.

I cannot recall if Doordash sent me anything when I completed my 100th dash. I think that I remember something like a congratulations or something like that, but I cannot recall. When my 1000th dash was completed I definitely received something from Doordash. No! It was not a bonus or anything like that, it was just a lousy email showing me that they appreciate my efforts. I have included a pic below.

Yes, this is what dashers will receive when they complete their 1000th dash. Nothing more - nothing less. Well, actually I have heard a few stories about dashers receiving Doordash sweaters upon reaching milestones. Again, this is only something that I have heard. Even if it were true, I do not believe in free advertising so if I were given one I personally would not ever wear it. As somebody that has paid to advertise a business in the past, I know advertising cost money and is not free. I don't even like my shoe brand showing, or my vehicles make for that matter. Why should they get free advertising from me? I already paid for your product. You want me to advertise your brand? You better start paying me!

Back to the point though about lifetime Doordash deliveries. It would be nice if Doordash gave dashers a little bonus money when they completed a certain amount of dashes. I am not whining or anything, Doordash does not have to give out anything. It is their company and they can do as they please, but it would sure make us dashers feel a little bit better if we knew we had an extra $5, $10 or $20 with our name on it when we completed a certain milestone of dashes.

Doordash should give bonuses for 100, 1000 and 5000 lifetime deliveries completed

Here is my personal recommendation. Upon completing 100 deliveries, give the dasher a $5 bonus. Doordash as a company has surely made over a $5 profit from those 100 orders. The least that they can do is give back $5 to show their appreciation. At 1000 dashes, a $10 bonus would be nice. Think about it, if Doordash made an average of 50 cent profit per order for those 1000 orders (We know it is much more than that!) it would be $500 they made of of those 1000 deliveries. A small kickback of $10 would be nice. It is a small price to pay to make a dasher happy and keep them a little bit loyal to you instead of always searching out similar type companies and looking for something better. A nice gesture goes a long way! At 5000 lifetime dashes, a $20 bonus would be sufficient. That is a lot of dashes that a dasher has done for the company. A $20 reward would certainly be a kind gesture for all of that money that this particular dasher has made for the company.

All of this is food for thought. Like I said, Doordash does not have to pay us anything for the amount of lifetime deliveries that we do. They never said that they would so we cannot complain about it. The whole topic was just something that I was thinking about the other night. If you think about it, the lifetime deliveries that is shown to us really serves no real purpose except to entertain us. Happy dashing!


  1. Why would my answer to a question be talking to a lawyer I have to pay. I don't have extra money. One question at a time. 1. Doe's Doordash have a Safety Department?

  2. Hi Damon. I feel differently about what you refer to as "free advertising." I have been dashing full time after leaving the restaurant business in May of 2020.I currently have about 3250 dashes under my belt. I treat my dashing like a regular job; I work dayshift Monday thru Friday till 6 or so and Saturdays if I feel like it. Off every Sunday. I wear DoorDash branded merchandise and proudly advertise for the company I have chosen to represent. I look at it as somewhat of an "ambassador of the brand" without any expectations of additional compensation for doing so. Just a different perspective. Have a good one. Alan Crowder

    1. Hello Alan. Different perspectives is what makes the world go round, and I appreciate and thank you for sharing your thoughts here. You my friend I'm sure are a great Dasher!

  3. Well, a friend of mine that referred me to this job stated that on your first 250 deliveries you will receive a bonus of roughly around $200 to $300! It's May 2021 and benefits bonuses change from time to time! Im not sure if you have to sign up for the bonus or do new dashers automatically get the bonus once a certain amount of deliveries have been completed? Not sure!

  4. It is hard to keep track of the incentive that DoorDash offers but for new dashers any bonus should automatically come after the specified number of dashes are complete. There is also a bonus for anyone referring a new dasher but this had to be done through a specific link. If the new dasher does not use that link then the Dasher who referred you will not receive the referral bonus.

  5. I recently answered a Door Dash survey and they asked if I would be interested on having a sticker or a special marker identifying my vehicle as a Door Dash vehicle. I don't see what purpose this would serve. I would have liked getting a discount on tote and catering bags. I don't expect anything extra from this company and from customers who think I'm going to pick up their order when they offer ridiculously low pay.